Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Pizzas Two Ways

Every night in Stebbins we have a communal dinner. Different cook groups are assigned a night and they put in a humongous amount of effort to make us super delicious meals. That is, every night but Saturday. Saturday we are left to fend for ourselves, so Irene and I have been taking this opportunity to make intense meals we other wise wouldn't make.

Last Saturday, I was craving pizza. I wanted to experiment with the dough so I took the Smitten Kitchen easy pizza dough recipe from her book and tried it two different ways. It was the same dough recipe, however, I made one with the kitchen aid and dough hook, and one by hand. The dough from the dough hook definitely turned out better, however neither of them were great. Our yeast has been temperamental lately and the dough never doubled, so it didn't have the typical light doughy texture, but it made for a great, very thin crust pizza.

We also topped the pizzas with two very different themes. Neither of us are huge fans of tomato sauce on pizza so Irene made two different pestos. The first one she made was a broccoli basil pesto, yum. And the second one was a cilantro pesto. Oh my god, so freakin' delicious. We had extras and I have honestly looked for things in the kitchen that I can put it on. It's that good. I want to eat it everyday ever on anything possible.

We used the cilantro pesto to make a potato feta pizza. This one was my favorite. It had the good dough, the amazing pesto and everything is better with roasted potatoes.
Roasted potatoes with feta and cilantro pesto

I will definitely make this pizza again. 

We used the broccoli basil pesto and added sauteed mushrooms and onions, sun dried tomatoes, and mozzarella. It had an entirely different flavor. It was still really good, but the cilantro pesto one was so much better that this pizza was left in its shadows. 

(You can tell by the edges that the dough was bleh)

Yummy dinner

I'm going to try this dough again and try to make the yeast work with me. I'm sure it would be a delicious dough with the proper yeast and rising time. 
Mmmm, now I'm craving pizza again!


  1. You should post a rough recipe for the pestos! I assume cilantro subbed for basil? But I want details!

  2. haha okay! My roommate made them so I will have to ask her :]
    I'll get back to you!

  3. This is the recipe she used! Except we didn't have parmesan cheese :]
    I love cilantro so muuuchhh.