Monday, February 11, 2013

Leftover Pie Crust Dough Apple Galette

After making pumpkin pie on Saturday I had a lot of leftover pie dough. So, on Sunday I came home from a meeting, cut up some apples and made this simple apple tart. Deb says she discovered this recipe from Alice Waters, who is the owner of a famous restaurant here in Berkeley called Chez Panisse. Alice Waters is also the founder of the Edible Schoolyard, a garden used as an outdoor classroom to facilitate hands-on learning. I just started volunteering there and I love it. Cool connections.

I liked the pie dough even more the second day. It was much easier to roll out and seemed a lot flakier once it was done cooking.

I tried to make a caramel sauce. I kind of failed. Left is take one. Right is take two after I decided it was edible and put it on the galette. It would have been a great addition if it had turned out correctly... Candy is hard to make!

It was so simple yet so delicious. There was hardly any added sugar except sprinkled on top and no extra butter other than what was already in the pie crust and what was used to brush the galette before putting it in the oven. The natural flavor and sugars came out so nicely. I will definitely be making this again.


  1. You volunteer with Edible Schoolyards? I've seen job openings for them and am super tempted to apply, it seems like such a great organization! Also I loooove apple galettes and I want to make this! And I remember when we made apple latkes and your dad had to make the caramel haha. I made this for thanksgiving ( and ended up getting the caramel okay but it made me laugh cause I remembered that day :)

  2. Yeah! I just started volunteering there this semester. The garden is huuuuuuuuuuge. And they have so many volunteers and such a stable infrastructure. Its insane. I've been working at another garden for awhile and the differences in support are so large.
    Yes I remember that! Its been a fail every time I try to make it. I can't do it. Thats the recipe that i used for the caramel sauce! The mosaic tart was my inspiration for adding the caramel. It still failed miserably. one day I will succeed...