Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chocolate Silk Birthday Pie

For Elise's birthday, Meg and I decided to make the chocolate silk pie from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. It turned out soooo well. The texture was smooth and luscious. It kind of tasted like light fluffy chocolate ice cream. And that is a great thing to taste like. Yum.

The recipe required 3 egg yolks, adding them separately and then whipping for 5 minutes between each addition.

Light, fluffy, and chocoaltey. 

I was trying to debate what cookies to use for the crust. On Thursday, I was walking home from class and I walked right past the girl scouts selling their delicious cookies. However, I got stuck at the cross walk for a long time, and the ticking seconds were chipping away at my will power. Before the light could change I turned around and bought a box of samoas and a box of thin mints. They are just too delicious. I've been really good and still have the samoas in my desk drawer. I decided to use the thin mints for the crust and it came out pretty well! Unfortunately, in the midst of whipping the filling, I forgot that the crust was in the oven and burnt it ever so slightly. Elise still really enjoyed the minty addition they brought to the pie. I would suggest using them!

Set and ready to enjoy. 

So luscious.

This was a delicious pie. I would suggest it for the birthday of the next chocolate lover in your life.

The recipe is in her cookbook. Message me and I can get it to you.
Also, it is similar to these, but not quite the same thing.
Chocolate Pudding Pie and Chocolate Mousse

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