Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spur of the Moment Saturday

One of my housemates made delicious pumpkin bread on Thursday and left a big can of pumpkin puree open, and it was calling my name. Also, I've been wanting to try mastering pie dough because I have never been pleased with how mine turns out. Hence, yesterday I decided to make pumpkin pie. I've never really liked pumpkin pie, I find the texture odd and the flavor bland. But I was determined to try it and see if maybe I would like pumpkin pie when it came straight out of the oven. And I did.

I decided to make the pie dough Deb Perlman has in her cookbook because she has pretty thorough instructions. I was really pleased with the crust. Super buttery and flaky. Buttery Pie Crust.

I used a recipe from the joy of baking that my friend Allison suggested to try. It had the typical weird pumpkin pie texture but the spices were just right. I added nutmeg and substituted evaporated milk for heavy cream since we didn't have any. Pumpkin pie tasted so much better fresh and warm. Yum.  Pumpkin Pie

It was fun to make and a great way to start my Saturday night. I think I'm less afraid to make pie now, and I think I may have found my pie dough.


  1. Yeah, your friend Allison helped with this aka I'm taking all the credit for your successful pie

  2. *All credit to Allison Arcos :]