Thursday, April 25, 2013


When I was in elementary school my Grandmother used to pick my sister and me up from school. We would go back to her house and work on homework and hang out until my mom picked us up. They were great times and one thing I will never forget is getting to her place and going straight to the freezer for a fudgesicle. Still, to this day, there is a never ending supply of fudgesicles in her freezer. I can't remember a time when I visited and did not enjoy a cold, chocolatey, delicious treat. Fudgesicles are something I will always enjoy and something that will always bring back memories of my Grandmother and her apartment.

about to go in the freezer

This week has been so hot, I felt like snack should be something refreshing. These fudgesicles however, were a cause of stress. First, I could not find popsicle sticks anywhere! I never found them, and compromised with little skewers. Next, I had a harder time finding small Dixie cups than I expected to. By four o'clock on Tuesday I had enough supplies to make it work but they weren't perfect.
Second, I had to multiply the recipe by twenty and it never thickened. The chocolate started to burn before it thickened so I said the heck with it and threw them in the freezer. They had 5 hours to freeze. That should have been plenty of time. It wasn't. At ten o'clock, they were half frozen. They still tasted good but you had to eat them with a spoon. Something I've learned from making snack for this house, one has to be okay with imperfection. I'm working on it. It's a learning process.

Partially frozen 

Despite all that, they tasted great. Tasted very similar to the ones you get at the grocery store, and were chock full of memory inducing flavors.

This is how I made them for 64 people. lots of dixie cups, lots of skewers. Popsicle molds deemed unnecessary. 

Shout out to my Grandmother for being the most wonderful, strong, loving, and independent woman that I know. I have looked up to her for my entire life. The love she has for everyone in my family is amazing and I thank the stars every day that I was born into her family. When someone asks me who my hero is I always say my grandmother without a second thought. I aspire to be just like her when I am her age (which of course is 37 since she hasn't aged a day since her 37th Katie day) I love you!!

Over night they froze, and this was the product the next day

RecipeFudge Popsicles

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