Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homemade Oreos

I honestly don't like oreos that much. Unless they are double stuffed, I probably won't eat them. (Side note, however, Vanilla Jo-Jo's (from Trader Joe's) I could eat an entire box in one sitting. So delicious.) I don't like oreos, but I love chocolate cookies, so this week I decided to make homemade oreos to see how I liked them. Conclusion: 100% better.
Homemade oreos are more chocolatey, and the frosting is creamier. They are more flavorful, and the sweetness was definitely more intense (next time, I would probably tone down the sugar a lot).
They were pretty easy to make and the amount of excitement I received from my housemates was well worth the trouble of sandwiching over one hundred oreos.

While I was in the kitchen making them I got a variety of reactions. My favorite one was, "HA! You can't make oreos, oreos are processed! Homemade oreos? That's so silly!" This comment came from our very own kitchen manager, Monika. It was a hilarious moment (sadly she didn't get to try any of them because she is gluten intolerant, sorry Monika!). I love that you can take items that are generally thought to be only found in the grocery store and make them at home, like Oreos and Cheez-its.

I ran out of frosting before running out of cookies, so I made a second batch. For the second batch I decided to spice up the frosting a bit and I added orange blossom oil that we had. You could definitely taste the orange blossom in the frosting. It gave it a subtle flowery taste, which I thought was almost soapy. Some people liked it, but the general consensus was that the original frosting was better, and I agreed. But sometimes, you have to be daring and try something that might not work. Regardless, homemade oreos with orange blossom frosting sounds way more legit than simple homemade oreos. Even though it didn't work, it was worth a shot. Next time, I want to try peppermint extract! Or peanut butter filling. Yum. So many possibilities.

Recipe: Homemade Oreos
(For the orange blossom frosting, I made the same frosting base, and then added a splash of orange blossom oil that we had in the house!)

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