Sunday, April 7, 2013

Egg Salad with Homemade Pickled Celery

So I made this sandwich and wrote this post ages ago, but for some reason, I never posted it. However, this felt like a proper week to share it since Easter just passed and I'm sure many eggs were boiled and dyed.

Side note, why do we do that? Why is it a thing to make eggs weird colors for Easter? How does that have anything to do with Jesus or Bunnies? I've never really put thought into it before and now I'm majorly confused by this tradition.

I love egg salad. I know many people are not big fans of it, but one of my favorite things about Easter is the leftover died hard boiled eggs used for egg salad sandwiches. I also love pickled things. All pickled things. So when Deb posted the recipe for egg salad with homemade pickled celery, I had to try it.
I liked the pickled celery so much. Vinegary and salty and delicious. I want to pickle everything now. Unfortunately, I have not attempted to pickle anything since. Laziness is besting my taste buds.

It was very easy and fast to make. I pickled the celery the night before and boiled the eggs, then threw everything together. The pickled celery really brought this egg salad up a solid notch. Yum, I want more right now.

I kept it open face for optimal egg salad on each half. I hate it when I'm eating a sandwich and all the squishing leads to a giant dollop of sandwich insides to escape. Especially when it misses the table and lands in your lap. So unfortunate. Leaving it open face almost erases this sad possibility.

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