Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chocolate Sauce

For this weeks snack, the goal was gluten-free! We have a few people who are gluten-free in the house, and I never accomodate for them, so this week I wanted to make sure I made something they could also enjoy. As per request, I made flourless chocolate cake. It was interesting how it all came together, but it worked!

Lately, I have been figuring out ways to make snack easier on me. I've found (from being late twice) that the hours between dinner and snack just sometimes aren't enough to get everything ready and baking. This week I decided to document some of the things I do to make snack on time. I pick the steps that can be done ahead of time and well, do them. This week that involved separating 24 egg yolks from egg whites and scooping out 6 cups of chocolate chips. I stored them in yogurt containers until I started bringing the cake together after dinner. It was a great help.

Egg whites, chocolate chips, and egg yolks beat with sugar.

I tried my hand in whipping egg whites this week. It was weird, and I probably should have used the whisk attachment, but after a very long time, egg liquid turned into a light, foamy consistency.

Egg whites magic

While the cakes were in the oven I decided to get a little creative. There was leftover chocolate in the pan I melted the chocolate chips in, so I decided to not be wasteful and throw some frozen raspberries and a little bit of water into the pan to make a sauce. I often forget how much I love the berry chocolate combination, but I love it A LOT. It is the perfect combo of sweet, tart and chocolatey. Yummmm. This sauce was insanely easy and brought so much to the cake. I wish I made more of it so that I had leftovers for my oatmeal the next morning. Next time!

Raspberry chocolate sauce in the making

The cakes rose a lot, but then fell as soon as I took them out of the oven. I had thoughts of failed souffles in the back of my mind as I watched them shrivel. There were also had a loooot of air bubbles which made them look a little funny. But they tasted great. It was kind of like eating chocolate air, which I really enjoyed. It was the right amount of cake, without feeling over indulgent, and I loved the raspberry addition. That really made it.

Trying to hide the weird-ness with powdered sugar

I also finished early! Yeah, what? That never happens. So I whipped up some toffee because its that easy and I wanted some. 'Twas a great snack.


  1. I've heard from people that some gluten-free recipes for choco cake end up making a very dense, heavy, rich cake, so I love that this one doesn't! I want to make that sauce w strawberries, yummm. That's some quick thinking for making that sauce!

  2. It definitely was not dense! Not even a little bit.