Monday, March 18, 2013

Pink Lemonade Bars

I've been on a lemon kick recently. I made this awhile ago but never posted it. They were good, but I didn't like them as much as the second set of lemon bars I made. Probably had something to do with not using fresh lemons or fresh raspberries. Ingredients make a difference! They were very tart and a different consistency. More dense, less light and creamy.

We conveniently had a bunch of frozen raspberries already that I thawed then pressed through this cheesecloth to get the flavor of the juice without the crunch of the seeds. It was so weird squeezing it out. I can't even describe the texture the seeds and the cloth made. It was funky but fun.

Raspberries after they have been in the food processor 

Something weird happened with the lemon layer. When I whisked in the flour it stayed in little tiny flour clumps that you can see in the next picture. I didn't know why it happened or how to get rid of them. If this has happened to you can you share your tips on how to fix it or how to prevent it from ever happening? It would be much appreciated. I've also had it happen before when I've made pancake batter. Once the lemon bars were cooked you couldn't taste it, but it looked a lil weird.

Flour clumps?

Sprinkling powdered sugar is half the fun when you don't have a sifter to sprinkle with.

I will definitely be trying these again when fresh raspberries are in their peak season! Too bad raspberries and lemons aren't in season together...


  1. I don't remember having the flour problem, next time I make em I'll be on the lookout and see. NOMNOMNOM I love how tart these are. Berries and citrus should really learn to grow together since they compliment each other so well.

  2. They really should! They work soo entirely well together. psh seasons. what are those anyway?