Monday, June 3, 2013

Swedish Chokladbollar

Yesterday I met up with my friend Johanna in Santa Monica. She is doing a quick road trip through California before returning to her home, in Sweden. She is amazingly sweet and I had the pleasure of living with her in Stebbins this past Spring. She helped cook dinner every Wednesday and one of my favorite things she made were these delicious chocolate oat balls. They are called chokladbollar in Sweden and apparently every child knows how to make them and they are very popular. They are very easy to make, require no baking, and they are quite yummy. This is definitely a recipe going in my archives of "easy to make, delicious to eat" foods.

After seeing her yesterday and being reminded how much I loved these little treats, I came right home and put some butter, sugar, chocolate, and oats in a bowl, then rolled them in coconut, chilled them and my family ate half of them before 30 minutes had even passed. This is a magical treat that you should definitely try!  


Recipe: Chokladbollar

Some notes about this blog:
So, I just graduated from UC Berkeley and moved out of Stebbins. No more snack on Tuesday. No more walk in fridge. No more walk in pantry. No more kitchen managers that buy me almost anything I could ask for. Unfortunately, also I now have less people to eat my concoctions. I'm sad and have kind of lost my desire to bake recently. However, even though I don't have an obligation to bake every Tuesday and snack is no longer my position, I hope to keep up with this blog. I'm still smitten with snack foods and I've really enjoyed making and sharing recipes, and I hope you have enjoyed this too. It will be updated less often, but hopefully every once in awhile I can concoct something to talk about. This summer I am going to spend 8 weeks in the forest without access to a kitchen, so that will be a long time without updating this, but hopefully when I return I can return to an oven as well. Enjoy your summer! and Thank you for keeping up with me :]

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